How to Lose Those Stubborn Last 10 Pounds

Up the Protein

When you add lean protein to every meal and snack, it can play a significant role in weight loss. It takes the body a little longer to digest proteins, which helps you feel fuller, longer.

Protein stabilizes the blood sugar and maintains energy all day. Protein may increase the metabolism slightly, causing the body to burn more calories. The best protein choices are omega-3 rich fish, skinless poultry, low fat, organic dairy products and omega-3 rich eggs.

Be sure to add plant based protein sources as well, such as nuts, quinoa, beans, organic tofu and edamame to provide the maximize health benefits.

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Up the Fiber

Fiber comes from plants, particularly legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Foods which are high in fiber are usually low in calories. More of these types of foods can be eaten without consuming too many calories.

Fiber-rich foods can be quite satisfying. They take longer to break down. Fiber slows the rate of digestion helping us to feel fuller, longer. Aim for 25 to 50 grams of fiber-rich foods daily. Be sure to balance the intake of the soluble and insoluble forms (i.e. fruits, vegetables and whole grains.)

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Treat Yourself to a Taste

Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, become a slim shopper. Buy one fresh baked cookie instead of a box, or a small portion of candy from the bulk bins instead of a whole bag. You can enjoy your favorite foods, but do so in moderation.

When making desserts, use unsweetened applesauce, low fat yogurt or prune puree. Reduce the amount of sugar added by using honey, cinnamon or nutmeg. Instead of using all white flour replace half the amount called for, with whole wheat versions, and make your desserts fruit dominant.

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Burn Fat With Fat (Increase Omega 3)

Exactly how omega-3 fatty acids aide in weight loss is not yet certain. Some experts believe that omega 3's increase thermogenesis as well as increasing a feeling of satisfaction.

Up the Anty (Interval Training)

Research consistently shows that regular exercise, combined with healthy eating, is the most efficient and healthful way to control your weight. Even those who dislike exercise can find some activity that they will enjoy.

Gather friends together for a game of basketball, a steep hike, a dance class or just upload your iPod with energizing music and go for a run. A study by Jason Talanian, PhD student at the University of Guelph, published an article in the 2007 Journal of Applied Physiology about how female cyclist burned 66 percent more fat during subsequent aerobic workouts.

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