15 Workout Habits You Should Establish In Your 20s

Be Mindful

One of the best things you can do for your body? Pay attention to what it's trying to tell you. Practicing mindfulness can help teach you how to tune in to the things your body needs and is feeling, whether that's while you're eating ("I'm full!") or while you're working out ("this doesn't feel right").

Invest in Good Workout Clothes

Research shows that when you feel confident in your appearance, that translates to your performance. Check out our Fitness Award Winners from 2013, and choose some clothes that are going to make you feel (and perform) like a complete boss.

Do Either Yoga or Pilates

And do it for your posture. These classes will help you negate the potential hunchback that you may or may not be developing from sitting at your computer for, well, way longer than nature intended.

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Of course happy hours and weird warehouse loft parties are fun, and they're an essential part of being in your twenties. But if that's all your friends wanna do, that's not going to be super helpful when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Be sure to also cultivate some friendships with people who are interested in being active, too—you'll be more likely to follow suit and stay motivated. Check out the 6 Pros and Cons of Working Out With a Friend to learn more about it.

Have Fun!

Think of exercise as your time to release your pent-up energy, and have fun with it! Whether you try a hip-hop dance class, schedule a run with friends, or make a new playlist that you can't wait to use at the gym, it's all about seeing fitness as a fun way to spend your time—not a drag. Actually enjoying your fit lifestyle is what'll help you keep with it, long after your 20s are a distant vision in the rearview mirror.

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