'Newtrition' Resolutions for Junk-Food Junkies


Some athletes call it oatmeal; others call it wallpaper paste. While there's no denying that folks who regularly eat oats can lower their cholesterol (and risk of heart disease), you still have to eat the stuff.

If you have had undesirable encounters with gluey, gloppy oatmeal, here's a suggestion for happily including this health-protective grain into your diet: Eat oats raw.

Yup. That way, you avoid their gluey consistency.

Here's how I conquered the "I should eat oatmeal" guilt trip: I enjoy a half-cup of raw oats (either old-fashioned or instant oats taste fine) with some crispy cereal for texture and crunch (like whole grain Wheaties), plus milk, sliced banana, a handful of slivered almonds and a sprinkling of (dried) blueberries. Yum!

I enjoy this simple and satiating meal both at breakfast and often in the afternoon as a pre-exercise energizer.

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