6 Foods to Fuel Your Runs

Dried Fruit

Banana chips, dried cranberries, cherries or apples all make for great long-run treats, but Blatner's favorite snack is dried dates. One pitted medjool date—easy to pop in your mouth mid-stride—is 66 calories and has 18 g of energizing carbohydrates. Since dates don't naturally contain sodium, make sure to sip a sports drink between bites.

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This natural sweet is made up of both fructose and glucose—the same sugar molecules found in sports drinks. Simple sugars enter the bloodstream fast, giving a sudden burst of energy—a perfect pick-me-up if you're lagging during a workout. For a mess-free snack try honey packets (12 g carbs each) or straws (4 g carbs each).


Not only does juicy watermelon provide a burst of refreshing cool-you-down hydration, but 1 cup contains 46 calories, plus 11 g of carbs and some potassium. Sprinkle it with sea salt to add sodium, and pre-freeze it in a plastic bag to prevent the fruit from getting mushy on the run.

Salted Pretzels

They may not be the purest form of fuel, but pretzels are a barely-processed snack, and one that Dolins recommends for runners. Easy to tote and high on the convenience scale, they not only provide carbs, but one ounce contains two to four times the sodium of sports drinks and nary any fat or fiber—two nutrients that can cause stomach upset.

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