6 Tips to Beat Your Triathlon PR

Now think of how much time you'll improve if you can make a 1-percent gain in more than one area. Keep one thing in mind: the amount of improvement depends upon where you started.

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If you're a beginner, you could see your speed improve by 10 percent or more over each training session in a month. Conversely, a seasoned racer may find it takes a winter's worth of training to make a 3-percent gain.

Get a Proper Bike Fit

Technology-wise, a good bike fitting that helps you feel more comfortable, more powerful and more aerodynamic could save you over a minute in a 25 mile bike leg.

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That's just one element of your PR. If you combine that with more confidence on the swim, perfect nutrition and hydration, losing 4 pounds of fat, you could save up to 7 minutes.

The gains are there to be had by all. They just require a little planning and a realistic appraisal of your abilities and goals.

Look towards the areas where you know you can improve. Work hard on these and make small advances in each and when added together you'll shave minutes off your time.

Remember Triathlon is swimbikerun and not Swim + Bike + Run. All three disciplines need to complement each other. When training, what you do on the swim, will affect your bike and run and vice versa.

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Sergio Borges is a certified Level III USA Triathlon coach and Level II USA Cycling coach. He coached the U.S. Elite, Junior Elite and U-23 team at Duathlon Worlds in Switzerland in 2003 and the U-23 tri national team in 2004. Sergio has worked with USAT at various camps and clinics, and founded the JCC Triathlon Master Program and the Kids XTeam Triathlon Club. He is known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to triathlon training, developing his own method Inverted Training Periodization in 2004 and since perfecting it to shape Ironman champion and land athletes on the podium at races across the country. Sergio combines his vast experience coaching athletes of all ages and abilities with a fundamental belief in the need for an individualized and realistic training plan for each athlete achieve his or her goal -- from staying healthy to becoming a champion!

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