Bring Fun Into Your Run—Wear a Costume

Both Meade and Lewis say running in a costume is a great way to be spotted on the course. But, when you are determining what costume to wear, think about if you want to create buzz on the course, or you just want to dress up and have fun.

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Meade says, "Think about whether you want that shock level or comfort level. It's like when you dress up for Halloween. You think about where you're going, who you'll be around, or if you're inside or outside. With that in mind, you then decide whether you want to 'wow' people with your costume, or dress comfortable and enjoy your time. Creating a costume for a race is essentially the same thing. You think about what race you're doing, if you're running as a team or individual, and if you want to 'wow' people."

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Simple Costume Tips

  • Decide what kind of race you'll run in.
  • Take time to find the right pieces to make your costume.
  • Practice running in your costume. Notice any areas you may chafe in and adjust accordingly.
  • Determine if you want to create buzz on the course.
  • Remember to have fun.

Lewis says, "I'm a runner. I'm not an elite runner, but I run at a pretty good pace. Wearing a costume doesn't have to mean you're a jogger or walker. Even skilled runners can have fun on the course and dress up."

Like Team Sparkle says, "Put the fun back into your run." Have fun at your next race, dress up and show your creative side.

What will you dress up as at your next race?

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