3 Tools to Make Your iPhone Workout-Friendly

Looking for some great gadgets to make your iPhone workout-friendly? We put three of the newest innovative iPhone additions to the test. Here's what we found:

EcoPod by Grace Digital


Can't live without music during your workouts? Anytime you head for a hike with a backpack or a mountain bike ride with a hydration backpack, then the EcoPod will beg to tag along. The EcoPod offers a shockproof, waterproof casing for your iPhone. The large clip easily hooks on to a loop and lets you listen to music safely even if it's pouring outside.

The unit comes along with waterproof earbuds with external volume controls. When you're not using the carrier, there is storage room for them so you will never lose them. The snaps on the shell are easy to operate, yet give no cause for concern that they will release at the wrong time. An optional bar clamp will allow you to mount the unit to a bike.

We tested the iPhone 4 version and found it lived up to all claims.

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