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Do you know any kind of change needs a challenge. The smaller the challenge, the smaller the change. When we think small, it�s one dimensional. As a coach, I teach my clients to think in three realms. Body, Mind and Emotions. You need to believe you can do something and you will. You need to push safely beyond the pain and the body compensates to adapt. Sure, there�s plenty of time, tomorrow.. right? Tomorrow is another excuse.

Thanksgiving is less then a week away (not sure how that happened). What are you going to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years? Gain weight like the rest of the nation or lose weight like my groups did last year? Two great groups that are only a few weeks long that can help you get to 1/1/13 in better shape than you are right now and they won't mess up your Thanksgiving day or your Christmas day celebrations. Work hard in between and celebrate on the holidays. Who's in? Reply to this email.Coach Wendy

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